Top 5 Sex Position to Perform

Sex position is the way where two or more people use for engaging and feeling sexual pleasure. A position indicates how partners can perform should arrange their body to have better sex. Trying new sex position everyday keep mind fresh and makes moments memorable. It increase sensations, trust and intimacy in a relationship.

Against the wall oral sex: 

For sexually active partners interested in taking their sexual exploits away from the bed, there are plenty of positions you can use or adapt up againts a wall, including a standing sex version of the missionary position doggy style, or oral sex if you want. To execute the variation on oral sex, the escort in Lahore stands with their back against the wall while the giving partner kneels in front of them at the level of their pelvis.

Coital alignment technique:

The cat position is variation of missionary sex position. In missionary each partner has eye to eye contact, but in cat position the escort move slightly higher then pennis or dildo points at a downward angle. The Cat position utilizes a rocking movement rather than a typical in and out thrust to maintain constant stimulation for the escort partner.

Cowgirl Sex:

The cowgirl sex position is also known as a cowperson, since the individuals of any gender identity. It is the best sex position where the escort Lahore has to lies on their back and the partner straddles them, facing forward. The escort partner can control the penetration and angle of dept. They can also bounce while sitting up right. This sex position has become most popular sex position.

Doggy Style:

Doggy style is any sex position in which one partner bends over, either on their hands and knees, resting on their elnows. The other partner can stand or be on their knees, and they are free to use their hands to hold onto their escort’s hips. Doggy Style is useful for penetration, whether in vaginal or anal sex, including with a pennis or finger.

Eiffel Tower:

In this penetrative sex position for threesome, all three partners stand. One individual twists around to get infiltration from a penis or lash on from behind, vaginally or anally, constantly individual. The third individual stands before the primary individual to get oral sex.. You can also try this position kneeling. You can read guide to additional sex positions for threesomes, including the daisy chain, and double penetration.

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