Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore

Anarkali Bazaar is named after the legendary lover of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. The area that also includes the stricken Anarkali Shrine extends from Lahori Gate to the mall. It is now divided into two parts, New Anarkali and Old Anarkali. The bazaar defines diversity, from covering the monuments in the bazaar to building old houses from colonial times. The market has re-established its distinctiveness due to the delightful artworks in the edifice of the buildings.

If you visit the bazaar during the day, you can experience the area which is decorated with beautiful mini markets and Tongass carts. Anarkali Bazaar is still one of the oldest surviving markets in South Asia, with a history dating back at least 200 years. It was famous for its spices and herbs and people from all over the world were visiting this place. The bazaar includes different markets, such as the Lakar Bazaar.

It is also famous for its delicious food. Food stalls selling puri sweets, Chana chat on painted carts or bicycles. While one cannot miss the delicious samosas and ajlebis. But the thing that attracts foodies to this bazaar is Waris Nehari. Located in Akbari Street, this is one of the best neharis spots that this city has to offer, and the shop is often crowded with customers from all over the city.

The bazaar has also made a name for its drinks. You can see people sitting on the side of the road eating tea made from desi masalas – also renamed Matka Chai. If you’re visiting the area on a hot day, don’t worry, a cool glass of rabri or pehlwani lassi will do wonders in beating the heat. Day or night, these roadside shops are always open and you will get a thick, creamy lassi layered lassi as well as the stringy lassi served in khalhad. The bazaar is full of loud colors that flood it as if covered in glitter. The bazaar is usually closed after midnight but due to the pandemic, the timings are changed nowadays.

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